Artists: Carolyn Code, Daniel Crawford, and Anne White

Curator: Hannah Keating

An outdoor exhibition of sculpture, animated film projection, and performance, Between the Lines is a group show that asks three local artists to respond to the questions posed and opportunities presented by “in-between” spaces. Tangle is an outdoor installation by Carolyn Code. Using thread to sculpt geometric shapes, Carolyn’s piece draws on forms she has explored in previous work, while representing for the artist a bold new foray into public art. The Door That You Walk Through is a film by Daniel Crawford. Projected onto the side of an abandoned brick building, the film weaves itself into the fabric of a magical, ramshackle setting behind The Only Café. Audiences are invited to journey through the café to the see the film. Lookout is a performance by theatre artist Anne White. Anne positions herself with a critical eye in relationship to a space often overlooked, but heavy with personal, public, and historic meaning and asks audiences to do the same.

Artsweek in partnership with Engage Engineering, Cherney Properties, and The Only Café.


Artist Biographies

Carolyn Code

Carolyn Code is a sculpture and installation artist based in Peterborough, Ontario.  She received her BFA from NSCAD University in Halifax with a major in jewelry and metalsmithing.  Carolyn has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada and in the United States, recently exhibiting at Y+ Contemporary, Modern Fuel artist-run centre, and the Art Gallery of Peterborough. This is Carolyn’s first outdoor installation project and she is very excited about this opportunity to exhibit outside of a gallery space.



Daniel Crawford

Daniel Crawford developed his expression through experimental cinema, drawing, and sculpture while acquiring an Honours Bachelor Degree in Literature from Trent University and a BFA from NSCAD University.  Crawford has shown instillation, painting, and film work in galleries, public spaces, and theaters internationally.  His most recent film project, The Snake the Ape and the Apple, won Best Experimental Short at the 2017 Calcutta International Cult Film Festival and Best Horror Short at the 2018 Paris Short Film Festival. He currently practices, holds workshops, performances, and exhibitions out of the historic Roy Studios in Peterborough Ontario.



Anne White

Anne White is a theatre-maker based in Peterborough.  She has her BA (Honours) in Theatre Studies from Dalhousie University and is co-founder of Ring O’ Rosie, a women’s collective that makes devised, site-specific, and interdisciplinary performance.  She has trained with Zuppa Theatre Co., Bad New Days, and Goat Howl Theatre. Anne regularly makes work for performance festivals in Peterborough. She is currently mentoring in directing with Adam Paolozza through the Professional Theatre Training Program and recently developed new work in Public Energy’s Alternating Currents Program, under the mentorship of Marie-Josée Chartier.



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