Unity: Joeann Argue, Brenda Maracle-O’Toole, Barb Rivett, and Heather Shpuniarsky

Peterborough Symphony Orchestra String Quartet: Zuzanna Chomicka-Newnham, Sona Kaltagian, Elizabeth Morris, and Phoebe Tsang

Dance Artists: Beany John, Cotee Harper

Composition: Christine Donkin

Between the Water and the Sky is a live performance featuring Unity Indigenous vocal ensemble, Peterborough Symphony Orchestra String Quartet, and dancer/choreographer Beany John. A dynamic collaboration between art forms, Between the Water and the Sky features original songs “The Medicine Song” and “Ghost Dancer” by Unity, musical composition by Christine Donkin, and an embodied performance by John.

Artsweek in partnership with Unity, Peterborough Symphony Orchestra, and Public Energy Performing Arts.


Artist Biographies


Unity is a four-woman a cappella group formed in Peterborough in 2006 by Barb Rivett, Joeann Argue, BrendaMaracle-O’Toole, and Heather Shpuniarsky.  Since its inception, Unity has performed at a wide variety of venues. Each year they perform the Honour Song for the convocations at Trent University.  They have also performed in this capacity at York University in Toronto, for Robbie Robertson’s receipt of an honorary doctorate, and at Fleming College in Peterborough.  They performed as special guests for the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation Legal Defense Fund, sharing the bill with Bruce Cockburn and Susan Aglukark, among others.


Peterborough Symphony Orchestra

The Peterborough Symphony Orchestra (PSO) is a non-profit charity located in downtown Peterborough at 159 King Street.  For 50 years, the PSO has been a cultural cornerstone of the Peterborough community and has a reputation as one of the finest community-based orchestras in Canada.  The string quartet in Between the Water and the Sky features from Parmela Attarinada, Elizabeth Morris, Zuzanna Chomicka-Newnham, and Phoebe Tsang.







Cotee Harper

Classical ballet training at the age of seven {National Ballet School Of Toronto). Received a personal invite to perform in the second time running indigenous production By John Kim Bell : (InThe Land Of Spirits ) 1992. From 1998-2006 I Received a Full Time Scholarship At Interplay School Of Dance: :Dance experience with interplay was Full time training in many styles of dance: balletcontemporary-flamenco-Irish-jazz and hip hop. Performed year end shows at Heart House Theatre and youth ensemble performances in various locations across the G.T.A . (Indigenous & Contemporary Dance Experience) 2006, participated in the DareArts Camp, Loon Rangers Camp. (Indigenous dancer and Choreographer to 240 youth from numerous isolate Ontario’s far North: 2007-2014 (Kehewin Native Dance Theatre) performed at various indigenous festivals across Ontario. traditional and contemporary dance of first nations story telling. 2011(Jumbles Theatre ) . Performer in traditional and contemporary dance in the production (Like A Old Tale). 2011- (The Art Gallery of York University) Choreographed Dance space in collaboration with indigenous dancers and artist:Performed traditional and contemporary dance In the first time ever space at the Art Gallery Of Ontario. 2003-2016 various performances across the GreaterToronto Area performing indigenous dance with culture awareness. 2017 Indspire awards show. opening performance in contemporary dance. 2018 Walrus Live: contemporary dance with displayed art


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