Artistic Director: Laurel Paluck

Composer: Kathleen Adamson

Chorus Lead: Julia Fennbee

The Wailing is an outdoor performance conceived by multidisciplinary artist Laurel Paluck. At its centre is a pod of five large ghost whales assembled from plastic in Laurel’s downtown studio. The whales gather, commune, and mourn in response to the harm caused by over consumption of plastic and human pollution, and invite audiences to do the same. They swim low through and around the crowd and audiences are encouraged to stroke them as they pass. This striking visual and musical experience is created in part by Kathleen Adamson who has composed an original piece for the performance and by a choir and dancers who bring the piece to life. One of the whales is outfitted with a droning instrument that forms the base upon which this roving, ghostly performance unfolds.

The performance in Victoria Park is presented with special consideration for accessibility. Accommodations available upon request.

Artsweek in partnership with Atelier Ludmila, the Riverview Park & Zoo, and The Canadian Canoe Museum.


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