Artists: Tammy Bunce, EJ, Kay’la Fraser, Jon Hedderwick, Lisa Moses, Wes Ryan, simon tjh-banderob, Esther Vincent, Ziy von B., and Hilary Wear

What do you do when you have a craving and don’t want to cook it yourself? You order take-out of course! Step right up to the handmade, bicycle-pulled Poetry Cart, where gracious servers will offer you a menu of poetic options. Check off the style, mood, and theme you’re after and an array of talented writers will create an instant work of original poetry just for you, tapping it out on a classic typewriter. Whether you request a Shakespearean sonnet, a vengeful haiku, or a tragic ode, you are guaranteed to walk away with a unique work of spontaneous art.  This year, the Take-Out Poetry Cart will be fueled by the talents of Tammy Bunce, EJ, Kay’la Fraser, Jon Hedderwick, Wes Ryan, simon tjh-banderob, Ziy von B., and Hilary Wear.


Artist Biographies

Ziy von B.

With family lines stemming from Jewish communities in Poland and Lithuania, Ziy is grateful to be parenting andpoeting here on Michi Saagiig Anishinaabe territory.  It is said that Ziy was already speaking as they emerged from the birth canal; they have been wordsmithing ever since. Ziy has performed, competed, and facilitated spoken word workshops across Turtle Island.  Ziy has self-published two chapbooks, and their writing has appeared in various magazines and anthologies. As an artist and community organizer, Ziy is committed to transformation and healing through social justice, queer consciousness, and decolonization. 


Tammy Bunce

Tammy is a growing writer, storyteller, painter, poet, and spoken word artist living and playing in Peterborough.  She has created poems and stories from an early age to express how she feels, sees, and experiences life and the world around her.  You can catch her on Trent Radio, co-hosting “Blank Pages, Pens and Stages,” a program dedicated to Spoken Word and supporting other humans sharing their stories.  Recently, she performed at the Storytellers of Canada Conference, and has joyfully competed and landed a spot on the 2018 Peterborough Poetry Slam Team. She firmly believes that art saves lives.



Kay’la Fraser

Life is a series of exquisite, complex moments masterfully knit together.  Kay’la Fraser’s work dares to tug at the strings to reveal how they’re all connected.




Jon Hedderwick

Jon is a poet, community advocate, film producer, organizer, and educator of Ashkenazi Jewish and Scottish heritage.  A disciple of Scooby-doo and an ardent wanderer, his poetry reaches for those things just beyond language in hopes of giving emotional content to abstract ideas.  He performs and facilitates workshops across the country. Jon organizes and mentors with the Peterborough Poetry Slam Collective and directed the 2017 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.  He spends as much time as possible tending to his gardens with his family or wandering aimlessly through the woods looking for feathers, stones, and other wondrous things.




EJ is a poet, journalist, spoken word artist, and activist based in Peterborough.  She stepped onto the stage in 2016, making an impression in the local and national scenes.  Her work strives to find beauty in the broken by embracing the hard edges. She explores personal traumas, love, and her Belizean heritage, shedding light on the state of race, gender, and class struggles in Canada.  EJ has competed and performed nationally, co-organized the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word 2017, and completed her first chap book, “romantic and horrible.” She contributes to Electric City Magazine and Black Lives Matter Peterborough.


Wes Ryan

Wes Ryan is a genre-mashing performer, playwright, spoken word artist, workshop facilitator, and aspiring academic living in Nogojiwanong / Peterborough.  In 2007, Wes experienced a sudden attack of gravity and acquired traumatic brain injury. The following spring, he performed a duet with his helmet. In 2017, Wes launched These are Horizon Days, an integrated performance arts company with the belief that it is through our shared narratives that we stitch together niches of resilience into tapestries for change.


simon tjh-banderob

simon possesses a penchant towards being a penpal, a performer, a playwright, a plongeur, a podcaster, a poet, a producer, and a puppeteer, particularly prone to plosives.  Similarly, simon is a cyclist, a cynic, a songwriter, a storyteller, a slammer, and a stationery snob with a sympathy for sibilance. Finally, simon is a fop, a florist, a flâneur, and a flag enthusiast with a flair for fricatives. simon is also unemployed.






Hilary Wear

Hilary Wear is a theatre artist, expired mom, long term romantic collaborator, and a Métis woman (Saulteaux-Anishinaabe-Franco, Belgian, British, Onondoga, Ukrainian).  Hilary is an active Community person, primarily volunteering within the wonderful Anishinaabeg Community around Peterborough. Hilary is most happy when playing with others in a good way.  Her work includes creating expressive, comedic-arts opportunities within the criminal justice system; writing and performing site-specific Clown turns and text and/or movement-based pieces for stage; facilitating inter-generational Culture-grounded Anishinaabemowin language cooperative games groups; and delivering an active experiential-learning university course around working, together, with Stories.


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