Artist: Hilary Wear

Tootah is an open-hearted, family-friendly, red-nosed Clown who likes to keep busy. Whether collecting garbage, trying to understand Bineshiinyag (the Birds), or joyfully interacting with passersby, Tootah is always tending to something important.  This year, Tootah will appear in repeated locations at the same time over the course of Artsweek to deepen his relationships to people and to place. Hilary Wear is Tootah’s animator and she creates opportunities for people to observe and interact with Tootah using a fun and collaborative approach. Through Tootah, Hilary continues to grow and strengthen her Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe language) muscle memory and invites audience to greet or visit with Tootah in their travels.

Please share your experience(s) with Tootah by emailing any comments or photos to Your feedback is valued. MIIGWECH-THANKS!

Artist Biography:

Hilary Wear is a theatre artist who, more and more, has become a Clown.  This is a  fascinating and challenging art form that, at its heart, is about connection, humility and resilience,.and which often manifests as finding fun in failure and foibles. Hilary is currently co-creating Clown with those in  the criminal justice system. Studying with all the best teachers in Ontario, she has developed 2 personas: Tootah and Granny Kokum ( an Old Lady) as well as  many Bouffon characters. Two more Clown personas will be developed ( for paediatric and geriatric audience-participants) next year as Hilary has the honour of being one of 10 Clowns selected for the first ever Therapeutic Clown Accreditation Programme  in Canada. Wish her love!


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