Artists: Jeffrey Macklin and Carl Baker

Jeffrey Macklin’s Roll-O-Matic printing system brings lino-block printmaking to the streets and invites audiences to join in the fun. Together with Carl Baker, Jeffrey stages public acts of printmaking at the Silver Bean Café in Millennium Park and at the Art Gallery of Peterborough, bringing “The Print Medium is the Message” to Artsweek audiences. The large prints will be hand-pulled using a heavy, hand-operated, water-filled lawn roller, inviting audiences to consider how traditional mediums might relate to contemporary modes of communication in a world consumed by digital media. An art event committed to bringing communities together, the blocks have been carved by Jeffrey, Carl, and local artists recruited through a public call: Kathryn Bahun, Bennett Bedoukian, Christy Haldane, Alana Batten, Rob Niezen, and Cyd Hosker. The final product will be five bound volumes of a special edition book from Artsweek 2018!



Artist Biographies

Jeffrey Macklin

Jeffrey is a Peterborough-based artist and graphic designer, working primarily with relief printing (letterpress) and mixed media.  He often employs words as visual triggers, as well as present-day and historical pop-culture icons and figures in both his print work and his mixed media pieces.  He makes hand-made books, prints, and ephemera and currently teaches in the Graphic Design and Visual Communication program at Fleming College. His last public show was summer 2017 at the Art Gallery of Peterborough.




Carl Baker

Carl Baker has been working in letter press printing for 5-6 years. His other creative interests are mail-art and graphic art and his work has appeared in numerous art-literature journals. 

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