Artist: Lester Alfonso

Music and 3D Animation: Sherine Cisco

Sound mix/design: Michael Phillips

Imaginarium is a large-scale video projection mapping work by filmmaker and media artist Lester Alfonso that transforms the front windows of the new Peterborough Public Library with light and imagination. Imaginarium invites passersby into new worlds and adventures, like those provided by the books on library shelves. Creating moments of unexpected, immersive, and ambient encounters, with music by Sherine Cisco and sound mix/design by Michael Phillips, this mirage plays with ideas of individual memory and public architecture. It is a temporary, site-specific, multimedia event that will make a lasting impression on all who manage to catch a glimpse.




Artist Biography

Lester Alfonso

Lester Alfonso (LA) is best known as a filmmaker and video artist.  His award-winning films include Trying to Be Some Kind of HeroThis City Has Wings, and Twelve for the National Film Board of Canada.  Awakened to the power of moving images by Spielberg’s Jaws as a kid, LA was transformed by Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil when he saw it as a film student at York University.  LA also creates podcasts, takes 35mm photographs, plays ukulele, and constructs site-specific multi-media installations for festivals and performances. His first feature-length creative nonfiction film BIRTHMARK premieres in 2018.


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