Artsweek is Peterborough’s ten-day festival of the arts celebrating our innovative arts community. This year, Artsweek is thrilled to present more than 100 artists and 40 events all over the city. From video projections to aerial circus performances, the festival has something for everyone, including installations of visual art, print-making in the streets, poetry a la carte, clowning, wailing whales, and neighbourhood concerts. This is your opportunity to explore Peterborough with new eyes and to encounter daring new artwork in unexpected places! Artsweek invites audiences of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to take part. Invite your friends and join us from September 21st to 30th.

We need volunteers to make Artsweek happen! Interested? Please fill out the form at this link: https://goo.gl/forms/7iCkiqLhQfWaEICA2

Get Involved!

How do you want to help Artsweek 2018?


The Artsweek Ambassador is on-site during Artsweek events to answer questions from the public, support the site lead in crowd control, collect donations and audience feedback through evaluation forms, and help to ensure Artsweek’s accessibility goals are met.  Ambassadors should be punctual, reliable, and comfortable interacting with members of the public. As representatives of Artsweek, you need to be friendly, professional, and able to manage the intake of donations responsibly. We would love for Artsweek Ambassadors to take part in the social media coverage of Artsweek by sharing their experiences on their personal social media accounts.


The Artsweek Summer Marketing Assistant will take part in outreach events prior to the opening of Artsweek 2018.  Artsweek will be present at a number of local events in the coming weeks, handing out flyers and promoting the festival to new audiences.  The Marketing Assistant will attend these events with an Artsweek staff person to develop interest in Artsweek and its many exciting projects.  The Marketing Assistant should be outgoing and comfortable approaching members of the public. They must be a friendly, mature, and professional in their outreach efforts.  Additional responsibilities may include distributing signage and other promotional material leading up to and during Artsweek 2018.


The On-site Production Assistant will work directly with artists to install, de-install, and prep indoor/outdoor spaces for Artsweek events and performances.  The Production Assistants should be able to follow directions and work well with others. Experience working in galleries, theatres, or other art and performance venues is an asset, but is not required.  Enthusiasm for making behind-the-scenes magic happen is a must.


The Site Lead is a vital member of the Artsweek leadership team.  As the point person on-site at Artsweek events, the site lead will coordinate other volunteers, manage the crowds, and be responsible for the event kit, which contains audience evaluation forms, the donation boxes, and additional safety and informational resources.  The Site Lead should have some experience in event coordination and/or the management of other people. They must display professionalism and approachability on-site for the effective management of fellow volunteers and as a key representative of the Artsweek 2018 team.


The Accessible Artsweek Assistant will be on-site support for audience members of all abilities.  With specialized training provided by the Council for Persons with Disabilities, the volunteer will ensure a positive experience for persons who encounter physical or sensory barriers in the event spaces of Artsweek 2018.  Responsibilities may include accompanying individuals to their seats, providing accessibility information, and responding to the needs of audience members as they arise. The Accessible Artsweek Assistant will be educated on the appropriate methods of assistance for persons with disabilities and will therefore be someone who can respond to instruction, maintain professionalism, and be comfortable assisting others.  They must be sensitive to the unique needs of individuals and have an interest in promoting accessibility at Artsweek and in everyday life.


Artsweek 2018 is proud to take part in Peterborough Pride.  The “Art Loves Pride” Campaign Assistant will support our participation in the Peterborough Pride Parade and associated Pride initiatives, including set up and clean up at the “Art Loves Pride” bicycle and banner decorating events.  The volunteer should have an interest in the contributions of LGBTQ+ artists and in crafting, decorating, and otherwise beautifying bicycles and banners. The Campaign Assistant is invited to join the Artsweek team in the parade, but participation is not mandatory.