Acknowledgements and Thanks

It takes a world of individual people, businesses, organizations and dedicated volunteers to bring Artsweek to life each year. Some give time, money and advice, some offer space, lend equipment, brains, brawn or creative ideas. Others smooth the waters, open doors, give discounts or just generally cheer us on. We want to thank all of them for their passion, commitment and generosity. Artsweek would never happen without YOU!

Artsweek 2016 Creators
First and foremost, our deep, heartfelt, thanks go out to the nearly 100 extraordinary artists who breathed life into the 30 projects presented during this year’s Artsweek. Their names are in the Program on the Artsweek web site.

Brad Brackenridge

Nick Ferrio

Rodney Fuentes

Mayelin Lovet

Kelly O’Neill

Alice Williams

Carolyn Code

Daniel Crawford

Anne White

Joeann Argue

Brenda Maracle-O’Toole

Barb Rivett

Heather Shpuniarsky

Zuzanna Chomicka-Newnham

Sona Kaltagian

Elizabeth Morris

Phoebe Tsang

Beany John

Cotee Harper

Christine Donkin

Melissa Addison-Webster

Kay’la Fraser

Fraser McDonald

Wes Ryan

members of the Brain Injury Association

Brandy Leary

Erin Ball

Opal Elchuk

Lina Loaiza Bran

Nikola Steer

Thomas Vaccaro

Sammi Blanchard

Jeffrey Cadence

Kollene Drummond

Jay Edmunds

Jess Gentle

Victoria Kopf

Ceinwen Perks

Kayla Stanistreet

Thomas Vaccaro

Lester Alfonso

Sherine Cisco

Michael Phillips

Robert Atyeo

Electric City Ukes

Lauryn Macfarlane


Otis and The Honey Lambs

Melissa Payne

Pine Box String Band

Red Room Quartet

The Smoke Eaters

Television Rd

The Hunter St. Fire Brigade

Winona Wilde

Jeffrey Macklin

Carl Baker

Gavin Barton

Bennett Bedoukian

Pam Birrell

Hayley Carroll

Jenn Cole


Evangeline Gentle

Ryan Kerr


Victoria Mohr-Blakeney

Suzanne Sorensen

Kate Story

Tammy Bunce


Kay’la Fraser

Jon Hedderwick

Lisa Moses

Wes Ryan

simon tjh-banderob

Esther Vincent

Ziy von B.

Hilary Wear

Laurel Paluck

Kathleen Adamson

Julia Fennbee


Artsweek 2016 Supporting Businesses and Organizations

    • This network of supporters grows every year and creates the foundation on which we build this 10-day festival. Be it large contributions or small, Artsweek would not be possible without you and we want to say a big THANK YOU.

    • Food Not Bombs
    • Gallery in the Attic
    • Galerie Q
    • Hannamars Bridal
    • Haaseltons Coffee and Sweets
    • HELP Paralegal Services
    • Hi Ho Silver
    • Hot Belly Mama’s
    • Iceman Video Games
    • Kawartha Cardiology Clinic
    • Kawartha Country Wines
    • K and C Costumes
    • Kawartha Truth and
    • Reconciliation Support Group
    • Les French Locksmiths
    • Lett Architects Inc.
    • LLF Lawyers
    • Market Hall Performing Arts Centre
    • Maklaiheung Gallery
    • Millennium Park
    • Money Mart
    • The Monocle Centre for the Arts
    • Natas Café
    • New Canadians Centre
    • Nogojiwanong Youth
    • Solidarity Initiative
    • Nuttshell Next Door
    • Olde Stone Brewing Company
    • Ontario Association of
    • Architects
    • Pammett’s Flowers
    • The Pasta Shop
    • Permanent Beauty
    • The Patch
    • Plush Boutique
    • Peterborough Square
    • The Planet Bakery
  • Planet North
  • Posi-Slope
  • Public Energy
  • ReFrame Film Festival
  • Silver Bean Café
  • Simple
  • Simply Delicious Bistro and Bakery
  • S.O. S.
  • Speak Easy Café
  • The Theatre on King
  • Trent Society of Architects
  • Trent University
  • Turnbull Café
  • Under One Sun
  • Union Studio
  • Whistle Stop Café 

The Artsweek official Team members are, quite simply – <strong>THE BEST</strong>. Above and beyond the call of duty all the time. Endless thanks to you all.

There are so very many others. You know who you are. “Can do” people. Innovative, imaginative, enthusiastic, kind. You coached and coaxed and made calls, knocked on doors, gave us samples, set an example, fed, watered and made it all possible. You said “yes”. We owe you big time and can’t thank you enough. This list includes:

  • Adam Brady
  • Edward Czmielewski
  • Terry Guiel
  • Mithra Dubey
  • Pauline Sandys
  • Wendy Trusler
  • Yvonne Lai
  • Lisa Dixon
  • Jessica Finely
  • Paolo Fortin
  • Michael Gallant
  • Tammy Gibson
  • Bonnie Kubica
  • Jon Lockyer
  • Dianne Lister
  • Leigh Macdonald
  • Riley Hoffman
  • Patricia Thorne
  • Thomas Vaccaro
  • Celeste Scopelites
  • Julie Ditta
  • Ferne Cristall
  • Andrea VanDerHerberg
  • Michael VanDerHerberg
  • Brendan Wedley
  • Dayle Finlay
  • Wendy McPeake
  • Bernice Standen