Photo Credit: Erin Murphy

Peterborough Poetry Slam Collective: Tapestry for Change

Throughout the week the Peterborough Poetry Slam is hosting a series of workshops Monday to Thursday at the Spill, 5-7 pm.  The workshops are designed so participants may take part in a diverse evening of spoken-word performance on Friday night at 7 pm at the Silverbean.  The Friday show will feature defending national champions and current provincial champions, Toronto Poetry Slam Team!

Over the course of Artsweek, the poetry collective will have poets on the street and also invite people to submit their poetry online or by writing poems to be placed in mason jars around the city.


Monday, September 8, 5-7 pm: Writing Circle, with Sasha Patterson

In this workshop we will provide space for folks of all writing backgrounds to explore writing techniques in a fun and participatory way. We will use writing prompts for inspiration and there will be opportunities to share work with other writers. We may also attempt to write a group poem. This workshop is meant to be a safe and reflective space for folks to get the creative juices flowing!

Tuesday, September 8, 5-7 pm: Writing our Histories with Carolyn MacGee

In this workshop we will explore our pasts through writing prompts. Often once we start digging we uncover a lot of memories we forgot we had. This exploration won’t be linear, but will happen more naturally.

Wednesday, September 10, 5-7 pm: An Exploration of Movement Through Poetry with Xandra Leigh

In this workshop we will explore the theme of movement within poetry and writing. Participants will get a chance create their own work, collaborate with other writers, and create a performance of movement for the poems that come out of the workshop.

Thursday, September 11, 5-7 pm: Children’s Poetry Workshop with Jon Hedderwick

Playing with Words: Poetry for Children and Pre-Teens

This fun and interactive workshop will introduce young people age 8-12 years old* to the art of writing poetry. It will involve performances of popular children’s poetry, writing prompts and simple exercises which will allow participants to explore the use of imagery, metaphor, rhyme, and free verse techniques. In addition, the use of writing prompts will provide participants with the opportunity to compose their own, original poems. Newbies and experienced young poets are encouraged to attend. *Younger participants would be welcome with parental participation

 Friday September 12, 7 pm

Tapestry for Change Performance featuring the Toronto Poetry Slam Team.  This event will be a dynamic range of poetic styles and multi-discipline performances.