Kriptonite 2 – Showcasing a variety of Deaf and disabled arts in a public setting. Juxtaposing archetypes with self-representations, the stories sachse creates pervade public and private spaces to present the audiences with the invitation to look.

Inviting disabled artist Laura Swanson, creator of the series ‘TOGETHER together?’ to lead a two day residency in Peterborough creating a public collaborative sculpture using discarded shoes and ‘mismatched’ pairs.The installation would be up for the duration of artsweek, and would be combined with an outdoor screening from Project Re-vision: digital stories created by women living with disability and difference.

The curator of this project will facilitate outreach to the Deaf and disabled communities in Peterborough, and position the created works alongside public factions of the city of traffic importance to citizens.

jes sachse

Former Peterboroughian, Toronto-based writer, artist and curator jes sachse is known for the unapologetic and provocative nature of her work, welded from a genderqueer, femmecrip, poet & general badass identity.

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