Hello all,

First; thank you to everyone who submitted a project to Artsweek 2014. The jury is currently being assembled, and we will let all the applicants know the status of their applications as soon as the jury process is completed.

Second; we’ve had a few inquiries regarding the dates of this years Artsweek. It is the second week of September which this year (2014) falls Friday September 5th to Friday September 12th.

Lastly; the Artsweek committee is available to answer any questions you may have. To guarantee a response please contact us via email as opposed to our Facebook or Twitter pages. The Artsweek email address is ptboartsweek@gmail.com or may be accessed by clicking the email button on the sidebar of this site. Please remember we are a committee of volunteers. Be patient, and allow some time for a response.

Best regards,
Your Artsweek Committee

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